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Effective Strategies to Deter and Eliminate Pesky Pigeons in Parkades - Pigeon Deterrent Tips + Tricks

Are pesky pigeons on your property or parkade driving you up the wall?🤔

We hear you 😅 there's no single answer, just a combination of steps and products that we have put together that may help you in assisting our winged friends 🐦in finding a new home 🏡 🪄🤗✅

Effective Strategies to Deter and Eliminate Pesky Pigeons in Parkades

Pigeons can be a persistent problem in parkades, causing damage to property, creating unsightly mess, and posing health risks. In this article, we will discuss effective strategies to deter and eliminate these pesky birds. Manta Parking Maintenance, a leading company in Vancouver, British Columbia, servicing the region with top-notch parking maintenance solutions, offers valuable insights on how to tackle this common nuisance. By implementing the following methods, parkade managers and property owners can create a pigeon-free environment, ensuring cleanliness and safety for all users.

Step 1. Understanding the Pigeon Problem

Before diving into effective solutions, it is important to understand the behavior and habits of pigeons. Pigeons are attracted to parkades due to the shelter they provide, along with the availability of food sources such as discarded scraps. They are known to breed rapidly and establish roosting sites within the structure, leading to a larger population over time. By comprehending their behavior, we can develop targeted strategies to deter and eliminate these birds from parkades and properties in Vancouver, BC.

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Step 2. Using Sonic Deterrents

Sonic deterrents emit sounds that mimic predator calls or distress signals, creating an atmosphere of danger for pigeons. These devices can be strategically placed within the parkade to deter pigeons from roosting or nesting. Manta Parking Maintenance recommends ultrasonic devices that emit high-frequency sounds, which are inaudible to humans but irritating for pigeons. Sonic deterrents are an effective and non-harmful method to discourage pigeons from staying in parkades. Shop the New Ultrasonic Pest Repeller on AMAZON CA HERE or Shop AMAZON USA HERE

Step 3. Implementing Non-Harming Physical Deterrents

Physical deterrents play a crucial role in preventing pigeons from roosting and nesting in parkades. Manta Parking Maintenance recommends the installation of humane traps, nets, and spikes (frosted white + stainless steel) to create barriers that discourage pigeons from accessing ledges, beams, and other perching areas. These deterrents are humane and do not harm the birds. Additionally, reflective devices, such as scare tape (2 pack here) or reflective panels, along with scarecrows can be effective in creating visual disturbances that make pigeons uncomfortable, deterring them from settling in parkades.

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Step 4. Maintaining Cleanliness

One of the main attractions for pigeons in parkades is the availability of food sources. Proper waste management and regular cleaning are essential to discourage pigeons from frequenting these areas. Manta Parking Maintenance emphasizes the importance of promptly removing any food waste, spilled grains, or other potential food sources. Regular sweeping and power washing of the parkade floors can also help eliminate food remnants and odors that attract pigeons.

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Step 5. Seeking Professional Assistance

In cases where the pigeon problem persists despite implementing various deterrents, seeking professional assistance is recommended. Professional solutions may include the installation of exclusion barriers, trapping and removal programs, and ongoing monitoring to ensure long-term pigeon control.

Pesky pigeons can be a nuisance in parkades, causing damage and posing health risks. By implementing a combination of physical deterrents, maintaining cleanliness, using sonic devices, and seeking professional assistance when needed, parkade managers and property owners can effectively deter and eliminate pigeons. Manta Parking Maintenance, with its expertise in parking maintenance, offers practical solutions to combat this common problem. By following these strategies, commercial parkades in Vancouver, British Columbia can create a clean, safe, and pigeon-free environment for all users.

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