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Understanding the Causes of Wear and Tear on Pavement Markings and the Importance of Regular Repainting

Your parking lot is an essential part of your business or property, providing safe and convenient parking for your customers and visitors. However, over time, the pavement markings on your parking lot can start to fade, peel off, or disappear, compromising safety and effectiveness. In this article, we will explore the common causes of wear and tear on pavement markings and discuss the importance of regular repainting.

1. Snow Plowing and De-Icing:

One of the major culprits behind the deterioration of parking lot line striping and pavement markings is snow plowing and de-icing. When snow is plowed, the blade can damage the striping and markings, while salting erodes the pavement and the markings. In Vancouver, BC, where below-zero temperatures are common during the winter months, snow plows and salters are frequently used, exacerbating the wear and tear. Fortunately, Manta Parking Maintenance has the expertise, experienced specialists, and proper tools to restore your pavement markings to their original condition.

2. High Traffic Areas:

High traffic spots on your parking lot are more prone to wear and tear. The constant movement of vehicles, especially those with high-grip snow tires, puts significant stress on the paint. As a result, these areas require more frequent repainting to maintain visibility and ensure safety.

3. Substandard Asphalt:

Poor-quality asphalt can also contribute to the deterioration of line striping and markings. Dirty, broken, or low-quality asphalt makes it difficult for the paint to bond properly. When combined with other forms of wear and tear, such as snow plowing and high traffic, the condition of the pavement markings can deteriorate rapidly. Just like painting on a clean, primed wall provides a smooth finish, painting on a dirty and damaged surface will eventually result in peeling and visible imperfections.

4. Extreme Cold/Hot Weather:

Vancouver, BC experiences wet winters, which can reveal the true extent of damage to parking lots once spring arrives. Cracks, potholes, and wear and tear on the white/yellow pavement markings become more apparent. Faded or partially peeled-off markings pose a significant risk of accidents in parking lots. It is crucial to address these issues promptly to maintain safety and prevent further damage.

5. Snow-Melting Salts and De-Icing Chemicals:

Salting and the use of snow-melting salts can also contribute to wear and tear on pavement and parking lot markings. The active compounds in these substances erode the paint, causing it to loosen and detach from the asphalt. Additionally, concrete parking lots with a high concentration of compounds like dolomite can be particularly harsh on pavement markings, especially when exposed to magnesium-rich ice melters.

When Should You Repaint Pavement Markings?

It is important to take immediate action as soon as you notice wear and tear on your pavement markings. However, it is customary to repaint and apply parking line striping in the spring, after enduring the long winter months. By doing so, you can restore the visibility and safety of your parking lot.

Ensure Major Safety Markings:

To maintain a safe parking lot, it is crucial to have all the necessary safety markings in place.

These include appropriate pedestrian crosswalks, stop lines, arrows, roadway center lines, and painted handicap ramps. If you are unsure about the safety of your parking lot, it is recommended to consult professionals like Manta to provide you with comprehensive parking lot safety recommendations. Don't wait for an accident to happen - be proactive in ensuring the safety of your parking lot and its users.

Regular maintenance and timely repainting of pavement markings are essential for preserving the safety and effectiveness of your parking lot. By addressing the causes of wear and tear, such as snow plowing, high traffic, substandard asphalt, extreme weather, and the use of snow-melting salts and de-icing chemicals, you can prolong the lifespan of your pavement markings and prevent accidents.

If you need assistance with parking lot line painting or marking, don't hesitate to call Manta, the leading parking maintenance company in Vancouver, BC, at 604-781-5201 or fill in our easy to use online Quote Request Form.

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