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Is It Time to Paint Your Parking Lot?

Asphalt parking lots are often taken for granted as structures that just exist for our everyday use. But in reality they require a lot of work and maintenance to help prevent accidents, boost consistent traffic flow, and mark specific parking and no-parking zones.

How do you know if your parking lot needs striping? Here are 8 telltale signs to look for.

1. Your Last Paint Job Was Over 5 Years Ago

If it’s been more than five years since your last parking lot striping job, then it’s definitely time for a touch-up. Depending on your location, there are numerous factors that can cause the lines in your parking lot to fade over time. Certain elements like snow, rain, hail, and debris can accelerate the paint fading process.

Technically, you should repaint your parking lot at least once a year or as needed. Whenever you notice signs of fading, cracking, crumbling asphalt, or other potential damages, it’s better to make repairs sooner rather than later. This will improve both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your parking lot while also saving you a lot of money in the long run.

2. Drivers Are Taking Shortcuts In Your Parking Lot

Chaos breeds more chaos. When you fail to maintain your parking lot, the rules and regulations become extremely murky, meaning most drivers will simply take matters into their own hands. Unfortunately, your property and the pedestrians who use it are most likely to pay the price. If you notice more and more drivers cutting across lanes that are supposed to be designated strictly for parking, this can create major liability issues for you as the property owner.

Drivers typically cut across lanes in parking lots when the parking lines are faded and they’re not sure where they can drive and where they can park. Parking lot striping can help prevent this from happening on your property as it directs drivers and creates easy traffic flow.

3. Faded or Fading Parking Lines

Parking lines do so much more than make your parking lot look clean and organized. As mentioned, they can help improve the flow of traffic and more importantly, they create designated parking spots. Properly marked parking lines also let people know whether certain parking spots are reserved for expecting mothers, young families, or physically disabled individuals.

Faded or fading parking lots should be routinely repainted to avoid confusion and help improve the functionality of your parking lot.

4. Increase in Fender Benders

Lines in your parking lot don’t just mark parking spots. They also direct the flow of traffic, indicate where drivers need to make complete stops, mark pedestrian crossings, and indicate fire or no-parking zones. Without these painted indications, most drivers would be unaware of the rules of your parking lot. This not only increases the potential for dangerous and sometimes reckless driving, but it also creates a big liability issue for you.

As the property owner, you’re essentially responsible for the safety of everyone who uses your property. That includes your employees, your customers, and even people just passing through. While you can’t control people’s driving habits, you can at least ensure that you’re providing the safest possible conditions for people using your parking lot.

How you choose to enforce those rules and regulations is completely up to you.

5. Less Than Exact Parking Jobs

Drivers tend to care less about the exact placing of their parking jobs when there are no visible lines marking parking spots. Typically, a lack of parking lines or markers indicates that there are no designated parking spots available and that they can just park their vehicles wherever there’s room. Sloppy parking jobs don’t just make your property look disorganized and mismanaged, but they can also reduce the amount of parking space available due to a lack of strict parameters.

Clearly marked parking spaces can prevent this from happening as drivers will generally be encouraged and more inclined to correct their parking jobs or at the very least to park within the lines.

6. Faded Handicap Spots

Handicap spots mark where people with disabilities can conveniently park their vehicles to minimize the amount of walking they have to do in your parking lot. While these spots are usually also equipped with metal signs or markers indicating that only people with handicap permits are allowed to park in them, it’s also extremely helpful to paint the handicap logo on the asphalt. By law, property owners must provide clearly marked handicap parking spots to their customers.

People generally tend to respect these rules and very rarely use handicap parking spots without the appropriate permit or tag on their vehicles. Once the paint on the asphalt begins to fade or completely disappears, you may notice more people accidentally parking in these spaces. To prevent this from happening, it’s better to cover all of your bases and make sure that your handicap parking spots are consistently well-maintained and clearly identifiable.

7. Old Markings Fading Through

Another indication that it’s time to repaint or restripe your parking lot is when things such as painted text on the asphalt starts looking like you are seeing double vision. That messy looking wording can be transformed quite literally overnight to crisp clean markings with a nice solid background to eliminate all old text. We can paint any combination of text for you right in the parking lot. Think "Reserved for President", sure has a nice ring to it!

8. Obscured Parking Lot Striping

Always use approved safety colours such as yellow or white to guarantee parking lot striping visibility in all weather conditions. Inclement weather such as heavy rain, snow, or fog can obscure parking lot stripes and signs, especially in the winter months. Making sure your markings are freshly painted is essential for safety in the fall + winter months.

Does your parking lot need to be restriped? At Manta Parking Maintenance, our technicians specialize in all kinds of asphalt parking lot maintenance including restriping, repainting, crack repair, and so much more. We’ve maintained and repaired commercial + residential parking lots in Vancouver and the GTA for over 20 years. Request a Quote Today! 604-781-5201

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