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Parking Stall Sizing & Small Car Stall Labelling – Everything you need to know

Redesigning your parking lot? Want to know if you can add more parking stall spaces? Unsure of the parking stall sizing? What constitutes a small car stencil?

Finding the correct parking lot stall size dimensions and regulations for your parking lot can be a tedious, time consuming task. Since we at Manta Parking Maintenance, have painted hundreds of parking lots, we decided to create an easy to follow guide for your current and future reference.

Let’s start with sizing. Each municipality can vary slightly but the numbers below are a great guideline to follow.

Small Car Parking Stalls

  • Width:  7.5FT to 8.2FT 

  • Length: 11FT to 18FT

Regular Parking Stalls

  • Width:   8.2FT to 9FT

  • Length: 15FT to 20FT

Disability Parking Stalls

  • Width:  14FT 

  • Length: 18FT+

Parallel Parking Stalls

  • Width:   21FT

  • Length: 8.2FT

If you are interested in having your site reviewed to optimize your parking spaces give us a call at 604-781-5201 or visit to request a free online quote.


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