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5 Ways to Welcome your Customers Back in Person

Here at Manta Parking Maintenance, we are all about supporting local businesses. As we enter into a “new normal” and customers start to visit their favorite stores in person, we want to help you welcome them back!

Parking lots are not usually considered when it comes to the customer experience but they are often the first opinion created of your business. We have all been there, pulling up to unclear lines causing chaos, missing out on the only parking spot open because of uneven asphalt, or the dreaded puddle right at your door. Sounds stressful right? And haven't we all experienced enough stress this year?

But don’t worry, Manta Parking Maintenance has put together the top 5 tips for creating a stress free parking experience for your customers.

#1 Look through the lens of your Customer

You don’t want them thinking that the state of your parking lot is the state of your store, unless of course, it's in top notch condition. We recommend you get out and walk your parking lot once per month to perform a visual inspection, it helps to look through the lens of a customer's first impression, what catches your eye? Write down any areas that look like they may be problematic, especially cracks in the asphalt, as they can cause a larger issue if left unaddressed. You may also want to put conveniently placed garbage cans in order to prevent your parking lot from being an unsightly mess.

#2 Repairs prevent safety hazards

When cracks become a problem or you begin to notice pot holes, you’ll want to call in a professional like Manta Parking Maintenance to provide you a free quote to address them. They’ll be able to assist with a parking lot patch that can cover these areas while simultaneously strengthening them. They will make sure you’re left with a flat surface and that the area is perfectly patched so you can continue to avoid damage into the future. Repairs are especially important for anyone driving on the lot, as potholes and cracks can lead to vehicle damage, tripping hazards and potential lawsuits.

#3 Freshen up with Sealcoating

We know how fresh store fronts create a lasting impression, well it can create one in your parking lot too! When pavement begins to crumble or crack, it’s important to have sealcoating done by a professional like Manta Parking Maintenance. Sealcoating will restore the look of the lot while also helping to protect it from cracks, oil spills, and oxidation, we recommend Seal Coating every 3-5 years. When combined with a parking lot patch, this can leave your lot looking like it’s brand new.

#4 Cleanliness inside and out!

Cleaning your parking lot is one of the best things you can do to increase longevity and make a great first impression. One of the easiest things you can do is regularly sweep your lot to help get rid of dirt and debris that can cause damage. Getting this debris off of the lot can also help prevent garbage and large sticks or rocks from clogging drains, which can cause standing water that quickly deteriorates asphalt (and those dreaded puddles) It’s also recommended to pressure wash your parking lot a few times per year in order to get rid of oil or any other chemicals that may come in contact with the pavement.

#5 Update Your Line Striping

Clear pavement markings in a parking lot is like clear marketing in your business. You’ll want to paint new stripes when they start to deteriorate, so your customers have clear directions. Fresh paint will maximize the amount of space and benefits the long term health of your lot too. If you paint the stripes in different areas each time the older ones fade, then this will prevent tires from driving over the same spots time and time again. This can help you avoid weak areas for longer periods of time so you’re not constantly using patches.

Parking Maintenance equals Stress Free Customers!

By ensuring your parking lot is clean, damage free and has clear direction, you are starting off your customer experience on the right foot!

Parking lots of any age can begin to show signs of wear from heavy traffic, oil exposure, excess sunlight, and routine usage. When you begin to notice these signs for yourself, tackle them right away. By making parking lot maintenance and repairs a priority, you’ll be more likely to increase the longevity of your lot. More importantly, this can result in fewer potholes and cracks so vehicles driving aren’t at risk of damage. If you need assistance, never hesitate to call the professionals at Manta Parking Maintenance to ensure the work is done right, the first time! Call us today for a free quote 604-781-5201


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