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It's Pot-Hole Mayhem out there + Manta Parking Maintenance is here to help!

A Letter from Our Founder

Hello to all of our lovely clients and future clients! To say that this winter has been stressful is a bit of an understatement, as I am sure we can all agree! The flash freezing/thawing has caused large scale damage to the asphalt and concrete curbing on roads and in parking lots everywhere. Rapid freezing and thawing cause serious damage to asphalt and then t

here are the dreaded snow plows. Say goodbye to your concrete curbs! Luckily, we can help fix those too :-) Why fix them quickly you may ask? That answer is easy. First and foremost, for people's safety! Secondly, your budget ;-) Trips and falls, blown tires, those all equal potential lawsuits. Nobody likes those. Working with us is easy! Getting your site repaired and attended to should not be a stressful task for anyone, so help us help you and Request a Quote Online or send us an old fashioned email. Let us help you get your lot back in tip top shape.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Jennifer Araujo, Founder

Manta Parking Maintenance

a division of Manta Investments Ltd



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"A large-enough pothole, hit at a high-enough speed, can blow out a tire’s sidewall, which is not usually repairable.

The rims can also be dented, and in some cases a vehicle’s suspension can be damaged.

One of the cars at Arndt’s shop waiting for repair is an Audi sports car that lost both right-side tires to a single pothole.

Average repair for one wheel and a tire? Probably $500 to $1,000,” said Arndt.

ICBC said it received 163 claims related to pothole damage between Sunday and Wednesday this week.

In most cases, drivers with optional collision insurance will be covered for pothole damage, but it could impact their premiums.

The weather is to blame for the large amount of damage to local streets."


*valid on new estimates only

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