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Failing Catch Basins - What to Do and How to Fix Them

Catch basins (drains) are prone to failure especially after long winter months. This article tackles what they are, why they fail, and how to fix them.

As a parking lot manager or owner, you know that catch basins are an indispensable part of any well-functioning parking lot. Unfortunately, they are susceptible to damage, especially after long and dreary winter months. If they are not repaired soon enough, failed catch basins can cause further damage to your asphalt parking lot.

What are Catch Basins?

They act as a drainage system for your asphalt parking lot. As you might have already inferred from the name, catch basins are constructed within the core structure of your concrete or asphalt parking lots to help drain away melting snow, floods, stormwater, heavy rains and so forth. Due to normal wear and tear, as well as damage from free-thaw cycles, catch basins may get damaged or start failing.

Why Do Catch Basins Fail?

Like any part of your parking lot, catch basins are susceptible to gradual damage and will deteriorate with time. The deterioration of your catch basins will be accelerated when water percolates into the cinder blocks, joinery, and other parts. Soon, mortar joints, blocks, as well as joinery between grate & frame casting will buckle to water-weakening. Additionally, any cracks around the catch basin perimeter will let water to infiltrate the casting causing further damage.

Eventually, the mortar will crumble from all the water damage - and that explains why and how catch basins fail. This can also spread throughout your entire parking lot and cause thousands of dollars worth of damage if not repaired in a timely manner.

Catch Basins and Winter/Spring Seasons

In most areas of Vancouver BC, you will notice that most catch basins will show failure in spring, particularly after long winter months. And there’s a good reason for that. The continuous freeze-thaw cycles cause lots of damage to catch basin. The contraction and expansion will compromise under and along the foundation walls, causing the basins to cave in.

That’s not the only culprit. De-icing chemicals and snow-melting salts can also add to the damage by chipping away from the top side of the catch basin. That’s why every parking lot manager and owner should have catch basins inspected every spring season. Because if failing catch basins are not repaired sooner, they will lead to a larger problem in your parking lot and cause major pothotles which in turn equals future major repair expenses.

What to Do - How to Fix Catch Basins

Understanding how catch basins work and fail is half the battle. The next half is to hire the right company like Manta Parking Maintenance to inspect and fix all failing catch basins. Our experts don’t just patch up the asphalt/concrete around the catch basins; they go above and beyond to ensure complete maintenance of your parking lot.

If the damage is extensive, Manta Parking Maintenance in Vancouver BC shall recommend a complete rebuild and reconstruction of everything around each catch basin. This will ensure that the problem is solved once and for good. The good news is that Manta knows the ins and outs of catch basin repairs and maintenance. We have been at it for the last 25 years, and we promise to do a bang-up job at a competitive rate.

Call 604-781-5201 today for a free quote.


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