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Keeping Parking Lots Crime Free. Our Top 7 Tips

Here are 7 key tips on how to keep your parking lots crime free...

Let’s face it; parking lots have become a hotbed of criminal activity, from the theft of valuables and car theft to assaults and other violent crimes. As a parking lot owner or manager, there are a few key steps and measures you can take to ensure that your facility is safe for everyone. That’s why we have put together the following top 7 tips to help you keep your parking lots crime free.

Tip #1. Ensure Surveillance for Everyone

Criminals are much less likely to steal or commit a crime when they know they are being watched. As the lot owner or manager, you need to install high definition CCTV cameras and other surveillance devices at strategic points in your parking facility. This is especially crucial for a parking garages that are not being manned by security guards.

Your CCTV system should be designed to monitor and record every activity that happens in the parking lot, including the license plate number and the images of anyone entering or exiting. Don’t forget to have security and surveillance cameras installed in poorly-lit areas and staircase leading up to your lot.

Tip #2. Keep your Parking Lots Well-Lit

Lighting can help deter any criminal activity. Just like CCTV cameras, commercial-grade lighting installed throughout the parking lot will make sure that everything is being monitored. And without blind spots for crime, you will definitely keep your parking facility crime free in Vancouver BC.

Tip #3. Maintain your Parking Lots Regularly

Regular maintenance can do wonders for the overall safety and security of your parking lot. If you ignore the upkeep of your parking lot, you will pass a message to the criminals that your facility is disregarded and not being watched 24/7. That’s not an image that you want to portray. To avoid this, hire a reputable company in Vancouver BC like Manta Parking Maintenance. They’ll take care of every aspect of your parking lot, including pressure washing, crack sealing, seal coating, curb repairs, concrete repair, paving, and lot line painting, just to mention a few.

Maintaining your parking lots also means that you have to trim the landscape, empty garbage bins, pick up any trash lying around and ensure that it’s in a spick and span condition. That’s the best way to showcase to potential criminals that you’re actively monitoring every nook and cranny of the lot.

Tip #4. Create a Safe Waiting Zone

Imagine a scenario whereby someone has locked him/herself out their vehicle. Where can they wait safely for the locksmith to arrive? It’s crucial to create a safe waiting zone to deter criminals and spruce up the safety of everyone.

Tip #5. Ensure There’s a Way for People to Call for Help

Your parking lot or garage should be equipped with intercom systems or call boxes so that people can get in touch for help during emergency or crime situations. They should be placed in spots that are accessible and easy to see.

Tip #6. Report Any Suspicious Activity

Don’t hesitate to call in the police if you noticed any odd activity. After all, the more the police are patroling your parking lot, the less likely that criminals will make it their home.

Tip #7. Hire Security Guards

If your parking lot receives heavy traffic, it might be wise to hire security guards to improve security and streamline parking activity. Having security guards creates an immediate safety net for your customers, employees, contractors and also for your own safety as well!

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