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Parking Lot Line Painting in Vancouver. Manta Parking Maintenance VS 'The Other Guys'

What's the difference in quotes besides pricing anyways? It's common to obtain several quotes for your line painting and asphalt repair needs in Vancouver, BC. For most people, it usually comes down to pricing! But low pricing doesn't always mean a job well done.

Lower pricing often comes with a lot of headaches - for example: perhaps the company is a one man show; most painting is done at night - so how are you going to communicate effectively in regards to the status of your job (we hear this one from new customers often!)

Another set back: thinning of traffic paint with toulene! This is an industry NO-NO. Unfortunately, in order to keep pricing at rock bottom, certain companies have been known for thinning their paint. This leads to VERY quick wear and tear on your pavement markings. Instead of repainting in 2 or 3 years, your line painting will be badly faded in under a year!

To continue, another example of rock bottom pricing often leads to lack of quality and experience! Line striping is a skill that comes with years of practise. Crooked lines, improper and uneven paint application, overspray and much more (you definitely don't want mistakes on your lot in traffic paint - its' near impossible to remove!)

Another very vital aspect in hiring a parking lot maintenance contractor in Vancouver is Safety + Compliance. Does your Contractor have the necessary insurance? Are they up to date with Worksafe BC? Do they carry any third party approved Contractor Certifications?

These are just a few reasons why you should use contact Manta Parking Maintenance today and receive your Quote absolutely FREE! Click HERE to request a quote online, Click HERE to visit our Website or Call Us at 604-781-5201


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