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Seal-Coating. What is it and What are the Benefits?

Seal-coating in Vancouver BC is one of the easiest and the most effective ways to ensure the longevity of a parking lot. Herein, we shall tell you what it is and its key benefits.

If you own or manage a parking lot in Vancouver BC, then you must have noticed that it loses part of its richly dark lustre every passing winter season. Water infiltration, natural wear & tear, winter freeze-thaw cycles, snow plow scratches, and other factors can contribute to this type of damage to your parking lot.

At Manta Parking Maintenance, we pride ourselves on offering top-rated seal-coating services for parking lots in and around Vancouver BC. Not just that, we have also established a 25-year reputation for delivering top-notch paving, parking line painting, asphalt/pothole repairs, and cracking sealing services.

Today, we want to turn our attention to seal-coating - what it is, why it matters, and its key benefits. If you’d rather hear everything in person, directly from us, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Manta Parking Maintenance at your convenience.

Seal-Coating: What It Is

It so happens that asphalt parking lots can be damaged by an array of elements. As a parking lot manager or owner, you know oils, petrol, diesel, oxidation, dreary cold winter months, and extreme heat can be your asphalts top enemies. That’s where seal-coating comes into the picture.

A seal coat is usually applied on top of asphalt or concrete parking lots, pavements, and pathways to keep these “enemies” at bay. In other words, seal-coating gives asphalt parking lots the necessary protection they need against extreme weather, oxidation, oils, etc.

It also provides a skid-resistant, anti-glare surface during wet weather and, because it hardens the surface of gravel roads, it provides a dust-free driving surface. That sounds like a lot of cost savings benefits coming from one treatment!

Seal-coating is usually applied directly on top of a clean and well-kept parking lot surface/ pavement and must be done within one year of paving in order to be effective. 

What’s the Best Material for Seal-Coating?

As the best seal-coating specialist in Vancouver BC, Manta Parking Maintenance recommend a list of best-in-class sealcoat materials, including acrylic emulsion sealer, coal tar emulsion sealer, and asphalt emulsion sealer. All of these seal-coating materials are poised to do a bang-up job to keep your parking lot durable.

Top Benefits of Seal-Coating

There are plenty of benefits that come with seal-coating your parking lot using the highest quality materials - and making sure that it’s done by a certified company like Manta Parking Maintenance in Vancouver BC.

(1) It’s Great for the Longevity of your Parking Lot

Applying seal coat within 1 year of paving your parking lot can do wonders for the longevity of your asphalt parking lot. In fact, it’s done well by the professionals, it can boost the life of your lot by up to three decades. It does great against oxidation caused by extreme cold and hot weather.

(2) Faster, Better Snow-Melting

Every parking lot owner dreads those heavy snow days. Thankfully, the rich dark colour as a result of seal-coating will help thaw snow and ice quicker, clearing your lot for use in no time. It all comes down to science: darker surfaces tend to retain more heat than lighter ones.

(3) Hassle-Free Maintenance and Easy Cleaning

Making sure your parking lot is clean and tidy is good for business. You’ll be happy to know that seal-coating instantly improves your business’ curb appeal. Smooth surfaces make for easy cleaning leading to employee cost savings.

(4) Money

Prevention is always the key. Seal coating will substantially lower your cost on asphalt maintenance over time. This includes crack and pothole prevention, both costly to repair.. 

 Maintenance is the name of the game. Just like changing the oil in your vehicle. 

Asphalt deterioration occurs rapidly if issues are not addressed in a timely manner. Asphalt is made of sand, aggregate and oils combined. Over time, without protection, those oils will dry out and begin to oxidize. Asphalt is naturally flexible and as time passes it will lose its flexibility and either crack or become brittle.

Seal coating offers your lot a sleek, fresh look and protection. An empty canvas for brand new pavement markings, which we at Manta Parking Maintenance, specialize in as well!

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