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Spring has sprung! Now What? A guide to evaluating your site after Winter's wear + tear

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Do you have a Pavement Maintenance Plan in place? Want to know which repairs should take precedence? Read on for tips and tricks for your parking lot maintenance this Spring

Regular pavement maintenance is crucial for your parking lot. Here’s a comprehensive checklist for your pavement maintenance this coming Spring.

It’s spring cleaning season again!

As trees and flowers start to flourish around you, why not give your pavement a new lease on life, too? That’s right; Spring is the perfect time to carry out thorough maintenance of your pavement, curbs, and other sections of your parking lot and property. However, if you don’t plan and strategize properly, the entire process can quickly become daunting.

Don’t worry - we have got your back with a comprehensive pavement maintenance plan for this upcoming spring. Stick to this spring checklist, and your parking lot/pavement maintenance in Vancouver BC will be a breeze!

Why Spring?

Winter causes plenty of damage to an asphalt parking lot. You’d be surprised at how much damage snow has been concealing over winter months. That being said, spring is an ideal time to take care of potholes, asphalt cracking, damages caused by snow plows, and water infiltration.

Asphalt Parking Lot Repairs and Maintenance Checklist

Asphalt and Potholes Repairs including Catch Basins + Broken Speedbumps

Snow plows, heavy traffic, and freeze-thaw cycles over the long winter days can greatly damage your asphalt parking lot. Besides, all the heaps of snow and water puddles can hide numerous potholes and the so-called alligator cracking. As soon as spring comes knocking, you should spring into action and start patching up those potholes and damage to asphalt. We often find that the worse repairs start with water logged areas such as catch basins - not to worry - we fix those too!

Speedbumps are another problematic issue after winter. We have seen many that have been ripped apart by snow plowing. Make sure to thoroughly check your site for tripping hazards.

The good news is that Manta Parking Maintenance can help take care of all asphalt and pothole repairs in Vancouver BC and surrounding areas. You’ll be glad to know that our experienced repair experts offer a wide array of options to repair your asphalt. We also do paving, curb/concrete repairs and most other parking lot maintenance needs you might have.

Crack Sealing

As mentioned earlier, water infiltration is a big problem for parking lots after long winter months. If not rectified early enough, the damage can cause compromise the integrity of your parking lot. Thankfully, Manta Parking Maintenance offers top-of-the-line cracking sealing and seal coating services.

We leverage hot-rubber sealing to effectively protect your asphalt lots from damage in the long haul. We’ll get the job done fast and with little disruption to your parking activities.

Asphalt Seal Coating

All the snow plowing can take a toll on your asphalt parking lot. The chances are good that you have witnessed some scratch marks and that your lots are no longer richly black and durable as they were before the snow fell. This is due to asphalt oxidation as well as plow machine damage.

That’s why high-quality seal coating from Manta Parking Maintenance comes in handy. We shall use the finest quality seal coating material to ensure the longevity of your asphalt parking lot. In fact, our seal coating service guarantees a lifespan extension of up to two decades.

Pavement/Parking Line Striping and Marking

Parking lot lines, striping, and markings are often worn away by plows, or damaged by de-icing chemicals, salts, and other winter-long activities. You may see more wear on high traffic areas. Manta offers unmatched parking lot line painting services in the whole of Vancouver, BC. We draw from our expertise spanning more than 25 years.

Did we miss anything? Get in touch with us today for more information about Pavement Maintenance services, and learn how we can help. 604-781-5201

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